Monday 10 September 2012


I know I'm in the minority and many of their agents were arrested immediately after but it was likely part of the elaborate planning by the real perpetrators. It wasn't the nefarious Jews or one of their many proxies. They already control the US,and have done so for a century pre-911. It would've been self destructive overkill for them to have engineered the whole thing.Neither was it an extreme right wing Republican faction seeking to kill citizens constitutional rights with creeping militarism. Bear with me since most relevant links have all been taken off the net. I can only find some of them.
Basically it was a Boeing/Airbus trade war. was pulled off the net some time ago. The Germans and Japanese wanted revenge for their slaughter in WW2,the French wanted to end American hyperpower once and for all,while the Russians wanted payback for their 1991 post-commie swindling .
After the CIA sabotaged the Concorde in 2000 killing all ,mainly Germans and Japanese on board (nearly also assassinating Jacques Chirac,whose on Boeing was on the ground) all the players decided upon revenge on September 11 2000 after their respective investigations.
With a mix of mind control,thermite explosives and remote control; they had their revenge exactly a year later. Remember identical crashes later in Milan and another in Florida?2 days after 2001 the CIA continued the game and crashed another Airbus in Manhattan,by sabotaging the vertical stabilisers;their subtle way of showing 'we know who you are.'

Aircraft have lost rudders in the past (the bit at the rear of the vertical stabilizer that moves left and right), and from time to time have lost a “piece” from the top of the vertical stabilizer due to an air strikes by a large bird, or a mid-air collision with another aircraft. But the entire vertical stabilizer? Never, so far as I know.
  Alas,this was all they could do!!The French abound with tactical nukes and all the confederates have strong air power of their own:a conventional war was out of the question.The ISRAEL FIRST Republican faction thus used this casus belli to push their Project For The New American Century agenda (full spectrum world wide dominance)and we have our world of  endless war promoted by gleeful homofascists.
The million plus immolated Iraqis and suffering Afghans are victims of their perpetrators displaced anger and their own intrinsic military weakness. When an infuriated giant seeks an enemy,any enemy to externalise his rage,woe betide he who is unfortunate to suffer his wrath.

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