Wednesday 5 September 2012


The DNC has come and gone with all the emotional overload  of a laser light show for special needs kids and all the actual substance of the shallow end of the baby pool. Breathless  Obamites bleat delightedly at Michelle's speech as if Moses himself carried it down the mountain. Yet the country is still in the deepest doodoo since the depression with no end in sight.
I watched girl with the dragon tattoo and was mildly impressed since it was one of the few adult movies of late and the plot was also geared to mature  minds,blessedly bereft of special  effects and shootouts. My good buddy and cousin,a film buff if there ever was told me we were watching the unedited version. Apparently,they dumbed down the American version due to their low attention span and inability to follow mature storylines!
Which brings us back to the point. Is there so little of real value in US Politics the whole process has been reduced to canned laugh tracks, scripted gags and WWE style over the top theatrics like Eastwood's pretend Obama interview at the RNC? Sadly it would seem that is the case as their politics has become as fake as wrestling while the voters are still lapping it up.
To outside observers wondering how citizens of the greatest country on earth can be so bamboozled for so long, I strongly suggest any wandering Demo or Republican read this about their other favourite past time:
Not that there's anything wrong with this. Wrestling — even in the Reality Era — will never be reality, nor should it be. Since the earliest days of pro wrestling, the sport's otherworldliness has been its calling card. And since the first moment that it was exposed to be a "fake" sport, the industry has adapted and thrived.
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