Saturday 1 September 2012


Of course everyone knows wicked Germans misled by a antisemite demon plunged Germany and the whole of Europe into a 5 year blood bath provoked purely by megalomania , desire for conquest and lebensraum. Ohh,and along the way he variously rendered 6 million Jews into soup or was it soap? In actual fact 150,000 Jews served with the German armed forces among over a million foreigners including blacks. Yes,even blacks fought for Hitler.

They comprised auxiliaries,infantrymen and support personnel;crucially as these photos show they weren't restricted to segragated units like the Anglo forces. Many were mixed race descendants of WW 1 US black servicemen stationed on the Rhine,French Caribbean volunteers and possibly even the few remaining indigenous black Catholics. Most of the latter ended up in America,where til today their descendants believe themselves to be wrongly the offspring of African slaves.
And yet people still believe the fairy tales. Ohh well! Its the 73 anniversary of the start of world war 2,so at least karanja'z place readers will learn new things. The global elites have always been leery of the Germans. Their famous work ethic and industry basically developed Poland,Hungary and Romania in Central Europe while they settled as far as the Volga in Russia starting in the early 1700s.

 The instigators of world war 2,the same Jewish banksters who engineered the first world war and every other major conflict had a helping hand in the rampant anti-Germanism of the day ,which by the way still exists. The Poles had a long running tradition of such behaviour  bordering on the pathological. The wars' secret instigators,the faceless financiers ,fashioned this anti German complex into a weapon of war. Their man, Churchill had the perfect causus belli when he pledged the Poles assistance in the event of hostilities with Germany.
In act of unbridled arrogance bordering on madness Poles were openly talking of capturing Berlin in 3 weeks! They stepped up border raids killing German citizens while the Nazis wrote useless protest notes to the League of Nations. As harrassment of ethnic Germans in Poland was stepped up according to plan of provocation when over 2000 were killed in August 1939. Hitler had to act. That sparked off what came to be known as the Bromberg massacre,over which the Anglojewish media has cast a cloak of silence.
As many as 58,000 Volksdeutscher  were estimated to have lost their lives starting from the end of WW 1 to
this latest episode. As hostilities took the inevitable path the real genocide,not the holohoax of Steven Swindleberger of Swindlers List unfolded. Millions of ethnic Germans,many of whom had settled for generations in Russia,the Ukraine,Czecheslovakia and Hungary met similar fates when the Germans lost.
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