Friday 16 November 2012


There are quite a few Semitic features at various levels of the spectrum. Some of them are surprising. Let's start with John Gotti-GASP! Yes,even though Hollywood has given gangsters Italian nicknames most are actually Jewish. The late head of the NY mafia was no exception.

Without make up and photoshop her genes shine through! Apparently dabbling in Jewish mysticism in public allows her to reconnect with her roots.

Look at the resemblance between these 2 Texans, Gen. Tommy Franks,planner of Iraq 2 war and Lyndon Baines Johnson,ex prez.
 There's a reason why people say Jews secretly control America and why Arabs are so mad.

In Bernie Madoff you see typical Caucasoid Neanderthal looks -and behaviour. By the way,what's the latest on the estimated 100 billion dollars he swindled? Victims have a better chance of being abducted by aliens than receiving compensation;the loot is in Israeli banks.

Here's Dr.David Silverstein, leader of  Kenya's sizeable Jewish community celebrating the holohoax in 2009. The ex US Army medic had been firmly ensconced in the intel game ever since he arrived inn Nairobi in the early 70s.

Funnyman Jon Stewart is of the tribe. So is Hilary Kandinsky Clinton,of whom her husband, Bill,the public beard (a beard is a  spouse purely to stop public suspicion,used by homos and carpet munchers) said, "she's had even more women than I have."

This is the daughter of the devil,inventor of that neurotic swill known as 'feminism,'aka Gloria Swinem,bka Gloria Steinem,writer of hysterical mouthings such as "A woman needs a man like a Fish needs a bicycle," and other 'revolutionary' tracts enthusiastically endorsed by the media.

At this time in the early 70s she was dating Henry Kissinger. Today

Still attention hoing without let. If there is a God,then there is a place in the hottest part of hell just for her. More than anyone she wrecked  the entire gender relationship structure in the Angloworld. Because of her millions are alienated,divorced,unhappy and unfulfilled. Indeed some say the American mental health crisis was  a direct outgrowth of her 'feminazism' script which she was handed by her handlers.
Dear reader,let's leave it at that for now-I'd hate for people to say I'm anti Semitic.

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