Tuesday 13 November 2012


As is the usual case the world rapers,the invisible String Pullers who've been manipulating world events behind the scenes for centuries,have predictably programmed people with buzz words like global warming/green/GMO/frankenfoods/endangered etc etc,words we don't even understand. Like religious mantras we recite them whenever we deem it appropriate.
Led down the garden path of good intentions we allow perfectly fertile well watered lands to be wasted on wildlife so that tourists can fly in 4 months out of the year and ohh and ahh over wildebeest and their trailing carnivores. There's no discussion whether this is a viable land use policy particularly for a densely populated water scarce 3rd world country-the entire issue has been reduced to cant and dogma.

Look at the noise when Tanzania announced they intended to build a road across their section of the Mara to reach the remote North West. The entire world united in horror as if they said they were mass killing all their game. An entire nations development trajectory held hostage to animals. Or is it? Isn't it rather their network of protectors and careerists with an all too human agenda?
The entire program of animal rights is actually nothing but an World Elite program to undermine 3rd world sovereignty enabling foreigners to seize and militarise mineral rich land holdings throughout Africa in the name of protecting the environment. Behind the familiar names of the whole environmental lobby group is a seamless  interface with:

  • Greenpeace
  • WWF
  • the Sierra Club
  • Survival International
  • Earth First
  • World Resources Institute
  • the Zoological Society of London
  • Royal Geographical Society
  • Nature Conservancy
  • the Flora and Fauna Preservation Society
  • the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),
The truth of the environmental organisation as neo colonial saboteur can be seen in the WWF's history with the RPF in Rwanda.In 1990 the latter administered the Akagera Park running a gorilla protection program bordering Uganda-guess where Kagame's murderous gang made their first foray? During the ill fated invasion the Akagera was their base throughout hostilities til their genocidal victory in 1994.
An identical scheme is underway in the Congo,the most benighted land in the region. A mysterious mercenary force hiring locals has declared war on gorilla poachers.Led by Kenyan born,ex SBS Lt.Col Conrad Thorpe they consist of a 100 or so local men. However the forest has been the people's food store since time immemorial-why should foreigners impose their mores?
Looking deeper one finds  a familiar face,one with long experience in all matters pertaining to wildlife in Kenya. This man is actually fronting for forces directly involved in the mass misery  of the DRC using the same  emotionally overwrought tactics and simple sloganeering he popularised during his tenure here at the Kenya Wildlife Service to fool the ignorant well meaning abroad who contribute to animal welfare charities.
“Richard Leakey, the African Conservationist credited with putting an end to the slaughter of elephants in Kenya during the 1980s, has taken on the cause of Congo’s Mountain Gorillas,” reads a press release from the Africa Conservation Fund, which backs Leakey’s Wildlife Direct. “His programme, www.wildlifedirect.org , has been supporting the rangers of this gorilla park through the provision of equipment, training and funds, and was active in the campaign to save the gorilla sector during the park invasions of 2004.”
“The Congo rangers have continued their work without interruption throughout the war, and during that time the gorillas have increased by over 14%,” reads the press release from Wildlife Direct. “But this has come at a cost: 97 of Virunga’s rangers have died protecting the park’s Wildlife against poachers since 1996.”
Some ninety-seven “rangers” killed in 10 years? Some 1,000 ordinary people perish daily? Two gorillas killed and eaten by starving people in January—when Wildlife Direct arrived? Three gorilla females, and one Silverback male, shot and killed July 23, and three more gorillas missing? One gorilla shot and killed and another missing in May 2007?
“Carnage” reports Wildlife Direct—as the hippo population is slaughtered on Lake Edward in January. One gorilla death “equates to a massacre.” Millions of dead people equates to silence in the international community.
Read and see the worldwide intersect between the international wildlife organisations, big business,including the most environmentally damaging of mining and logging and the ever acquiescent news channels.

So when  Kenya's ambassador,Elkanah Odembo spoke way above his paygrade calling for US marines to train the KWS and in his words tell Hillary:
"KWS wants Marine-style training, which helps to build initiative, team spirit and cohesiveness, confidence and determination," Mr Odembo explained.
He further called on the United States to support Kenya's efforts to secure a moratorium on the ivory trade until at least 2017.

Kenyans are rightly ticked off with some wondering if perhaps there's a wider agenda at this sensititive election period. At the very least he deserves a sever dressing down if not a recalling..

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