Thursday 22 November 2012


Like the avenging angel in a TBN movie he rode onto the scene swearing to destroy corruption, impunity, inefficiency and poverty and make Kenya achieve its rightful destiny.

 The declaration of his candidacy was a professional media savvy affair with well scripted sound bites an accommodating family and an unmistakable Obamaesque triumphalism.

The Gatanga MP certainly has much going for him. His CDF record is the cleanest,in his late 40s,he's the right age and he appears to have the right ideas;though in politics everything is perception and possibly he just says the right things. However,nobody has interrogated him about his rather mysterious past-without casting aspersions there are some interesting issues to confront.
After A-levels at Starehe Boys he joined Nationwide Finance in the mid 80s from where he went to Prudential Bank as GM wherein he was hipdeep with Moi's intel boss, Boinett :which is where eyebrows were raised. High level  insider info swears 2 million shillings(then 80,000$)a week left the NSSF to Prudential which was a straight forward money conduit for the YK92 organisation to buy election victory for Moi-other parastatals were also milked and Prudential handled billions.
Anyone mature at this time remembers YK 92; 20 and 30 something year old hustlers who  literally buried Moi's opponents under bundles of looted cash. Though there is little if any direct evidence of PK as a YK 92 operator he was close enough to their goings on at Prudential Bank for some to see guilt by association. In the wake of the post election hyper inflation coupled with insider deals Prudential collapsed in 1997 but PK wasn't jobless for long.
He soon found his way into Kenya Re as the MD despite opposition from several quarters. This is where things got even more interesting. Like all parastatals in the Moi era,it was on its death bed. Sucked dry and a dessicated husk by the time he arrived on scene- despite a government monopoly on insuring all its assets.
After the inevitable collapse of Kenya Re he was found to have acquired property,a house in the upmarket Kibagare. He was questioned in Parliament this year and no further action taken but its time for PK to come clean once and for all. The association with YK 92,Prudential and the whole Kenya Re saga demand answers.
Some say he's nothing but a Raila project to split Kikuyu votes;possibly,since it would be more sensible to go for Nairobi governor for 2 terms replicating the Gatanga success on a wider platform starting off ahead of the pack on 2022. Whatever he is or isn't its time for him to come clean.

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