Friday 13 September 2013


Benjamin Fulford,Japan based geopolitical and financial expert has always said the secret ruling world cabal are on their way out. Though their exit would of course be a long drawn affair like the sinking of the Titanic,aware observers,looking at recent developments can already see the giant hole in the hull and the beginning of a starboard list as the World Mafia's great ship takes in water.
The first indication things were changing was a couple of years ago when even the Mainstream Media commented on what had previously been restricted to internet 'Conspiracy theorist,' the term used by the former to stigmatize and discredit the latter.
"What you don't believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy? The bullet that killed him took at least 2 deflections."
"How can you challenge the 911 theory? Just because the WTC 7 collapsed without being hit by a plane,while the 2 skyscrapers hit,were built to withstand the impact and first responders all independently claimed bombs were going off inside the buildings-" and on and on and on.

In 2011 for the first time ever the MSM reported on the ongoing Bilderberger meeting in St. Moritz,Switzerland. Hitherto loyal and devoted media outlets of these same Elites even leaked some attendee details. Many observers thought the entire episode was simply a run of the mill miscommunication between the Rulers and their faithful servants;the kind of ordinary mix up based on misunderstanding that frequently happens in any hierarchical organisations where each level makes its own interpretation of commands.

A few months later one of Britains' best loved media figures died. After his death the same MSM organs that lionised him when he was alive competed to chronicle his pedophilia and worse-necrophilia.

Even worse,Jimmy Savile was a long time friend of the top tier in Britain. Raising the obvious question-how deep was he involved with the Royals and were they active participants in his satanic practices? This philanthropist/celebrity dj/famous fundraiser was known as far back as the mid 60s as  a child molester-obviously he was protected by the Establishment. Worse, there are strong indications he was a necrophiliac. Such an odious individual couldn't have been so close to the Royals,much less knighted unless he was part of their Satanic set up.
When the Mainstream Media,owned and controlled by the same Establishment therefore splashes these details onto the public consciousness it is highly significant. Their servants in the media are either independent or they are no longer taking orders.
In the US the 2 mass shootings saw similar MSM response. The story of the alleged shooter, James Eagan Holmes at the Aurora,Colorado movie theatre during a midnight screening of Batman:the Dark Knight Rises,was picked apart by the media revealing obvious holes.
Where did an unemployed graduate student find the thousands of dollars required for ammo,bullet proof vests,tactical clothing and weapons? If he was the only shooter his field of study, neurosciences could have opened avenues of mind control by those with political motives,specifically the desire to control guns. The Elites strongly prefer their drones disarmed.
There are such evident 3rd party hands in this it recalls Operation Fast and Furious in 2011, where the US AG Eric Holder,actually admitted the USG was selling guns to Mexican cartels as a sting,to help identify the drug cartel operators. Again,the ulterior motive was to increase gun violence (and profits for gun makers)and lead to calls for disarmament.
The alleged Sandy Hook kindergarten shooting unravelled so quickly even the remaining believers in official narratives were shocked. The named shooter,Adam Lanza,was reported to have died the day before, the grieving parents were revealed to be actors,a school shooter drill was being held just down the road and the supposed murder weapon,a shotgun was in the car boot unused.
This year  the Boston Marathon circus and the Woolwich incident have provided the impetus for a tipping point to a critical mass among the conservative baby boomer generation,the 55-70 year old US demographic that used to have the greatest faith in the USG.
Having realised the depths of dishonesty and deception among their Rulers only 9% were willing to go to war with Syria in a recent poll. This could be why Obama's handlers, who it is said by informed sources are now subject to the patriotic Pentagon faction forced him to go to Congress for approval for war;knowing Congressmen would vote no in these changed times.
In London,Cameron suffered a humiliating defeat when Parliament rebuffed his Syrian invasion plans. Meanwhile,God's Own Chosenites,the Israelites  want a war,but typically would rather Obama soiled his hands with blood on their behalf while they sit on the sidelines.
Syria is the turning point. The false narratives that led to wars, massacres and resource grabs no longer work. The implications are extremely interesting. Will the US public vote in the next election? Why,if they discover the entire political process is an intrinsic component of the fake construct that ruins lives everywhere?
Syria was saved by an awakened populace.

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