Tuesday 24 September 2013


Dear Reader,that's precisely what the attack was. A slaughter of innocents solely designed to traumatize survivors,their families and the Kenyan public. To so severely assault the national consciousness that we beg for assistance and active participation of anti terror 'experts' in our national security/intel networks.

Right from the start at around 1230 lunchtime Saturday the 21,the terrorists took lives. Ten to fifteen,variously described as Somalis and Kenyans burst in after overwhelming the unarmed guards in the parking lot.
In between shooting dead Kenyan,British,American,Ghanian and other nationals all Hindus,Muslims and Christians they stated they were avenging the Kenyan invasion of Somalia 2 year ago. The informed reader will remember the sarcastic,even hostile writeups in the AngloJewish media this move provoked.

Headlines like 'dumber and dumber,' competed with scathing 'expert' assessments on the state of the KDF and their inevitable defeat in Somalia.However,when the port city of Kismayu was captured in September last year,the same media organs inserted themselves or rather their respective nations into the picture.

Aware observers know that the vanquishing of Al Shabab in the wider Somalia isn't in the interests of the Global Elite. Such a ruthless,nameless and faceless force serves as the perfect proxy for all kinds of actions. Indirectly they protect resource rich regions,also having vast unpoliced areas of the former Somalia helps greatly in the perpetual mischief making of the Global Elite. Guerrilla forces and non state actors in such vacuums  provide excellent deniability for 3rd state action. As seen in the hijacked Ukrainian tank ship episode they serve as patsies straight from Central Casting.

In September 2008 Somali pirates hijacked a Ukrainain cargo ship,the MV Faina. Carrying 33 T-72s,destined for S Sudan the episode brought unexpected developments to light. The KDF was actually taking possession of at least 150 of these MBTs,for the first time ever. Since independence the forces had never bought Russian.

Extremely significantly,reports had it there were 2 crews. The first,the actual take down crew who captured the ship were covered from head to toe in overalls and gloves. They didn't speak and communicated with each other in sign language. Afterwards they handed over to the Somalis and weren't seen again.

Insiders say this was Whitehall's way of showing displeasure at Nairobi for dropping them as a defence supplier. 

Returning to the Al Shabab massacre; they rampaged through all 3 floors of the 350,000 sq ft shopping mall,witnesses gave similar reports of their savagery. They fired automatic weapons and hurled grenades indiscriminately at fleeing shoppers. Those captured were asked to prove they were Muslim:those who couldn't were shot where they stood.

As the situation developed ,experienced observers waited for the normal script to unfold-a list of demands issued by the terrorists along with prepared statements publicising their cause,negotiations with professional government hostage negotiators and  release of individual hostages,usually individual women and/or kids.

Alas! That was the script in the days of genuine terrorism. The mall attack,like every terrorist atrocity in the past 2 decades everywhere on earth has the unmistakable whiff of a false flag. It wasn't possible to prove the exact shareholding but one of the directors of the Westgate mall is one Israeli citizen,Frank Lowy. An Israeli with the same name had an interesting relationship with  Larry Silverstein properties. Yes,the one and only Silverstein who owned the World Trade Complex and managed to double his insurance payout.
Silverstein and Westfield America insured the complex for $3.55 billion, but after the attacks of September 11 lodged a claim for $7.1 billion on the premise that each plane collision constituted a separate act of terrorism, doubling the payout. Most people know about "Lucky"Larry Silverstein's part in 9/11 and his dubious connections to Binyamin Netanyahu et al, but not much has been reported on Lowy, so let's have a look.

Wow! What are the odds of 2 major terror attacks on your properties? Do the math.

Anyone who knows Kenya,however won't be surprised by the Israeli connection. Right from the start they've been close to the center of power.

Jomo and Golda Meir

 This has translated to excellent opportunities for the Chosenites in horticulture,aviation,security and 'anti terror'  fields. Kenyans pay in the form of false flags the previous one being the December 2002 Kikambala hotel attack. In this case,the Mossad R and R facility was blown up by Al Qaeda who killed 12 local dancers and 2 Israeli kids. Later 2 missiles were fired and one thumped the wing underside but didn't explode.
Netanyahu himself publicly demanded the evidence which would have revealed the impossibility of the outlandish narrative. For more read the link at the bottom.

Local cops try to contain the situation

The Taj Mahal hotel in flames during the Mumbai 26/11/08 attacks.

A hitherto minor terror group,more like Al Qaeda wanna bes,the Lashkar e Taiba supposedly attacked a train station,2 hotels,a hospital,a Jewish community centre and a hospital.

The carnage at the train station

Here's Ajmal Kasab ,alleged planner of the operation. If you notice his right wrist is wearing a mauli. Men and unmarried women wear it on the right-according to Hindu tradition. Why would a so-called Islamofascist, a Muslim hardliner follow Vedic habits?
Ideally we should ask him but he was supposedly hanged 2 years back after he made a full confession.

Also called a kalava,the wrist thread is first tied during the Upayana festival,which is basically an initiation ceremony. A rite of passage for kids.

Its meant to symbolise generational transfer of Hindu knowledge

Visitors to temples can have it tied as Billary learned.

Which brings us back to the first question: what is your stereotypical stone cold Muslim murderer doing wearing ancient Hindu symbols? A major no no for followers of Islam.
Why is all this happening now? What in the nation state of Kenya would motivate such coldblooded ruthlessness among the AngloJews? You should know by now commercial  quantities of oil have been found though exploration is still ongoing. All our neighbours have already found hydrocarbons and/or natural gas.

S.Sudan is exporting 250,000 bpd through the Arab north. Uganda's future production estimated at a minimum 200,000 bpd plus Kenya's own oil will flow out of Lamu port. Whoever controls,directly or otherwise the regional oil entrepot will gain massive geopolitical and financial advantage. The proposed pipeline fees alone would earn millions daily.
Last week it was announced Africa's first yuan clearing house will be opened in Nairobi. Though our daily forex deals of roughly 350 mn $ dwarf Nigeria or RSA it  still signifies a significant shift in terms of business opportunities. It means local importers no longer need as much dollars and won't lose out on exchanging local currency to dollars and then yuan when dealing with China since they will directly change to Chinese currency.Already at least one local bank has Chinese speaking cashiers at one of its branches.
As of now over 4 days since the first shots were fired at least 62 are dead,including 15 children. The rescue operation is in the last stages with the last individual terrorists  being rooted out while over 1800 people were saved and 200 injured. The Westgate atrocity   directly links  Al Shabab,Israeli mischief,oil  and Kenya's future.
Whose interests will win out in the end?

Here is the octogenerian with Tutu,one of the World Rapers willing helpers.

With Billary.

With rabid Israeli firster and Al Gore's 2000 running mate Joe Lieberman.


But then again we shouldn't be surprised by Lowy's involvement in death and destruction-in his younger days,he was a terrorist of the Haganah. This organisation along with the Irgun ,the Lehi and Palmach were ethnic militias in Israels' pre independence days.
The record of their atrocities is not short.

Jerusalem King David hotel bombing 1946 .

The Deir Yassin massacre of Palestinian civilians.

Frank Lowy is simply true to the genetic coding of his tribesmen: by now you should know that's simply what these people do.






  1. Thank you for the in depths insight into all these. Truelly food for thought. Nicely written and referenced. As said Keep em' coming and Pls do watch your back. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow these days and your words might just wake up a few people that might start questioning and thus puts you on the spot. All the best and thank you again for the blog.

  2. Glad you liked it Naz! People don't realize what Zionism is in practice:a brutal backward cult that allows its high priests to commit genocide and resource theft helped by their own followers deluded by the 'Chosenite' delusion. I'm working on the real story of the so-called 'Tutsi' massacre of 1994. Yes,even in this episode Zionists were the major gainers which is only logical since the whole thing was planned in Washington/London and Tel Aviv.