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The ruling Saudi Arabian dynasty,the House of Saud has sponsored the Israeli inspired Arab Spring and is directly responsible for the resultant devastation and growing poverty in Libya,Tunisia,Egypt and now Syria.

Right from the start their Wahabi brand of Islam raised questions-on the surface a fiercely spartan brand that resembles early Christian Calvinism with stark demands of proper behaviour and morality yet they did decidedly unIslamic things.

Sharia law demands not only swift justice but that justice should be seen. According to Islamic jurisprudence criminals therefore are punished immediately-and severely. Hangings,beheadings and public whippings are commonplace events in the KSA.

To get to how the House of Saud fell into oil money and their Jewish origins its necessary to go back in time. 600 years ago a Basra grain dealer named Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Moshe,a Jew and an African like almost the entire ME at this time met some Arab merchants and pretended to be one of their lineage. Even today most of the 1.5 mn black Iraqis are from Basra.

 After many adventures involving swindling shortchanging and murder he settled in Riyadh. Wherein he and his polygamous descendants quickly multiplied into a dominant tribe and soon began to harass  the ruling Ottoman Turks.

For an extremely interesting confirmation of these details go here:

200 years ago after winning territory in an anti Turk rebellion they demolished the graves of Muhammad's companions in Medina. When the Ottoman Turks regained control they reconstructed  elaborate mausoleums of these pioneer Muslims.
Over the years,especially since they took control of the Saudi peninsula from the Ottomans after WW1 these strict Wahabi 'Muslims' have destroyed mosques,holy sites and cemeteries including that of Muhammad's wife and daughter,the house where Khadija,his first wife was born and even his own home in Mawlid.

This the a photo of the ongoing demolition of the Masjid al haram in Mecca early last year. Allegedly to make space to accommodate more pilgrims.   

 Interestingly,these decisions are made by the Wahabi clerics themselves. Genuine Muslims are appalled at what appears to be program to destroy not just Islamic history but knowledge as well.The informed reader will recall the targeted destruction of ancient manuscripts in last years Al Qaeda rampage in Timbuktu,Mali last year. Under Wahabi pay and no doubt instruction at least 10% of all the ancient leather manuscripts written in Arabic,Turkish,Hebrew,Songhai and Bambara on geography,philosophy,religion and trading accounts were destroyed

Al Saud Abdul Rahman Faisal in the late 1800s,the grandad of the present generation of Saudi royalty. There are definite Cushite traces in his long oval face and straight nose. He could be Somali or Borana,certainly Horn of Africa as we shall see. Some explanation as to the enormous mystery of his race is in order.

His true race is important since it confirms the long established presence of blacks throughout the ME. Alas! Like nearly all  Africans with entrenched roots in the diaspora they've lost their roots and explain their presence with slavery or hired soldiers of the Ottomans. Like many Afro Arabs they suffer discrimination of de facto sociopolitical segregation and racial abuse. To the majority recently arrived Arab,actually a mulatto of the Turkics and indigeneous blacks he is an abid (slave),raisin head,pug nose,brute.
 Even today there are still enough black Arabs for the media to be surprised. All over from Iran,Turkey to Yemen and everywhere in between blacks can still be seen. Though most are now mixed with Turkic,the purer types can be observed in S.Arabia and Yemen.

Contrary to the modern historical narrative they were not slaves. They date from the earliest OOA migration to the period when the Arabian peninsula was part of the Ethiopian Sabean empire. In fact an Ethiopian Axumite general,a Christian like all Axumites then, almost captured Mecca when Islam was still in its infancy assisting fellow black Christians in battle. Legend has it his war elephant refused to cross the city gates,ignoring all threats and entreaties.
At any rate,Faisal's clan avoided the usual fate of the Afro Arab and when their Anglo Jewish allies discovered oil,which they find,deliver and market his descendants have lived a life of undreamt of sybaritic hedonism. 100 million dollar palaces,half billion dollar personalised aircraft and yachts are now de rigeur among his thousands of Royal scions.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al Saud exemplifies the lifestyle of the Royal family sitting pretty in his custom Airbus 380.

Prince Abdullah's Jeddah palace from the inside.

The main royal palace in Riyadh comprises a built up area of over a square mile.

His Royal Highness,King Abdul bin Abdul Aziz al Saud,sixth king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,custodian of the 2 Holy Places,Mecca and Medina. Now 90,he reputedly enjoys the services of virgin pubescent girls.

Notice the Masonic symbol in the police badge. It was redone in 2006

The House of Saud have been integral planners and instigators in most of the Anglo Jewish worlds' dirty tricks , financial shenanigans and war mongering. They helped sponsor the murderous Renamo of Mozambique in the 80s,a savage SA trained force guerrilla force more noted for murder and  mutilation of civilians than any political dogma.
The Saudis at this time were instrumental in the wheeling and dealing of the Iran Contra scandal. Their oil money underwrote the whole South American drugs for Iran arms arrangement. Later they helped set up Saddam for a fall in 1990. The man from Kirkuk was justifiably incensed by Kuwaiti slant oil drilling and their shrill demands to repay loans and personal insults- he invaded and the bloodbath we all know as Gulf War I took place. The whole episode was basically to cut a progressive Arab nation to size and protect the Gulf oil kingdoms.
The terrorist group known as Al Qaeda is actually a Saudi created CIA proxy army. Since its inception in the early 80s as Afghan mujahideen to their reappearance in the Balkans a decade later helping the Albanians (whose mafia are major heroin smugglers,by the way) and the help they gave the Chechens Al Qaeda has always been faithful to their Saudi paymasters.
The Syrian bloodletting which began in early 2011 was basically an invasion of that country by AQ forces. Of course the Mainstream media said otherwise but that's their function. Evidence available suggests when America needed an excuse to attack Syria,the Saudis helped arrange the gas attack. Russian satellite intel clearly shows the rockets were fired from an area controlled by the Free Syria army,led by the Saudi backed Al Qaeda, stiffened with Saudi army officers.

The ID card of a Saudi army officer KIA in Ghuta,Damascus. The colonel was tasked with coordinating attacks and weapons deliveries.

In fact,knowledgeable observers swear the gas was sourced from the KSA supplied by Prince Bandar. Think about it-why would the Syrians use chemical weapons the very week a UN team arrives in the country,when they're decisively defeating the rebels?

That theory makes sense to me,given the true origins and consistent behaviour of the house of Saud. Prince Bandar supplied the gas to his Syrian allies. If,Dear Reader,you still believe the Saudi rulers are devout Muslims,obviously nothing can shake your delusions.

Saudi/Israeli links go back further than you can imagine;right from the beginning.
Here's Chaim Weizmann,and King Feisal,the first Saudi ruler in 1918.

It was a rather unwise admission. Perhaps its the infamous Israeli chutzpah at play? Whatever the reason,you heard it from the horse's mouth.

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