Wednesday 8 August 2012


The Ewoton shooting in what appears to be a murder suicide just after 2 separate mass shootings in America got me thinking-about the right to bear arms,legitimate self defence and the sheer evil of the misruling global elite.
I should admit that as a libertarian I accept the need for reasonable men of sound men to be armed-why not? Yes,I'm well aware people aren't always as well adjusted as they should be but a firearm while not  a security blanket is the only way to adequately defend oneself from the uglies of this world,of whom,alas! there are not few.
I should know:the following is a true tale of terror one night 17 years ago in deep Kiambu. All was quiet as could be at 100 am,till the sound of breaking glass woke me up. Ten crudely armed thugs were staging a home invasion. I was empty handed apart from ideas about the sanctity of property and laughable hopes that numerous neighbouring cousins could come to the rescue.
That night I learned in such situations you are your own saviour. In the theatre of the real ,human decency and the norms of society are followed only by those who have tacitly agreed to do so;when confronted by those outlaws scorning said laws such as those committing violence against your person or property,only a gun can help. Trust me;in such moments your feelings on whether or not to shoot,or the alienating effects  of endemic poverty on youth are utterly unimportant bullshit best left to sociology or ethics class.
Which is why knowing our realities I'm all for a fair firearms licensing system in Kenya. Of course on the surface,the applicant simply gives reasons as to why he needs a gun and the arbitrary god at the Central Firearms Bureau,usually a Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police evaluates your application and says ye or nay.If only things were so simple.I've seen senior retired cops/a fish dealer who was carjacked 9 times in a row/and  sons of murdered crime victims denied. Btw,there is neither explanation nor appeal.
I had hoped the new constitution would address this crucial right but the Special Interest Groups and NGOs made it all about pleasing their donors and narrow constituencies and the matter wasn't raised.IMO,its the most telling indictment of our colonial sociolegal legacy. Tellingly ,Tanzania and Uganda are much more relaxed in this regard requiring only the applicant be of sound mind and good standing. Neither country was a settler colony like Kenya and this perhaps explains their more realistic licensing approach.
The notion of political elite unease with a legally armed citizenry is the root cause of the recent US mass shootings ,if researchers are to be believed.Both the Sikh temple and Colorado movie massacre shared many patterns with  similar incidents as far away as Australia. Credible eyewitness reports speak of multiple shooters;there are indications of trance like mindcontrolled murderers who've undergone extensive brainwashing and the sheer logistic difficulty of their actions defies lone gunman theories.
Videotaped speaking with the Associated Press, the eyewitness stated (at the 0:10 mark) that “Between ten and ten-thirty, four white males who were dressed darkly, dressed in all black clothing, came in and opened fire on our congregation.”
Interestingly,both gunmen were heavily involved in skullspace software programming,so to speak,with Holmes a graduate neuroscientist and the Sikh  temple slayer Wade Michael Page an experienced Army psywarrior. Take a look at any mass killing anywhere in the world and these patterns emerge-connect  the dots,people!
The UN,which is actually the transnational elites watchdog has always wanted to restrict and ultimately ban outright possession of all privately held guns. The UNs real 'owners' thus sponsor and instigate outrages to turn the public against the idea of privately held firearms-yes they are that ruthless. These mass killings are all a massive psyops to condition all of us to accept their collective diktats of a globally disarmed citizenry ,all the better for them as fear of retribution for their endless crimes against humanity and instigation of endless wars will go unpunished.
Let me finish with the fate of an NGO warrior,whose name escapes me. An ex KAF colonel his raison detre was the disarmament of ALL KENYANS,including the 10,000 or so legal arms holders.A funny thing happened on the way home from work-carjackers added him to the statistic of murdered defenceless Kenyans 2 years ago.

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