Friday 10 August 2012

The trouble with Kenya can be seen in these 2 videos

Currently am visiting a friend in Nyahururu on my way to Nakuru. Its almost 10 years since I drove past Gilgil. Olkalou,Wanjohi and the smaller trader centres like Miharati have all been connected to the electricity grid-a positive development by any means. I was pleasantly surprised by Nyahururu. Its a big town on a par with Naivasha. Its prosperous with many dairy farmers enjoying improved incomes.
If only everything was so simple! Looking at the main throughfare which runs 2 kilometers through the town I couldn't help but wonder:
-who is responsible for the water situation? to be fair I'm assured water availability isn't an issue,quality and heavy rains necessitate washing out of the supply tanks;after which the water looks like this
Is it the county council or the wanainchi who vote them in? What do you think?
 By the way the council has never explained either situation nor have the people ever demanded answers.