Tuesday 14 August 2012


Someone sent me this  fb page for a laugh and instead I found it depressing.
 Here are hundreds of deluded Kenyan females who think publicly  kissing another female will magically morph them into the lesbian Hollywod hotties whose career depends on the validation of such arrested development.

It seems many women have fallen for the endless deluge of American advertising that glamorizes lesbianism;well what's new ,especially for such a thoroughly colonised country like ours which is acculturated to imitate AngloJewish mores in every way?
Now,I generally keep away from such people-sharing personal space with such is unnecessary if one wishes to live a calm life and accomplish meaningful endeavours but from sporadic observations I have noted some defining characteristics. They love to be the centre of attention and in their antics give off an unmistakable; "Ohh,look-at-me-kissing-another-girl! Aren't I HOT?!," attention hoism.  Look at those fb photos. Apart from professionally shot photos (mis)using American models,only 2 or 3 of the Kenyans can be described as supuus.

A deeper analysis of the body language shows that its not lust,however perverted leading them astray but rather a conscious decision to flout normalcy. Yes,there is a deliberate desire to contravene universal decency,maybe dad didn't pay enough attention when they were young or there is another reason for anger against society but it shines through in much of the photography. The smiles are as forced as the stiff frozen poses.
Simply put,lesbianism attracts women with tendencies of attention seeking. Society in turn ,or rather American tvland provides a gloss of realism to these same agendas. Think of the myriad talk shows and 'experts' attacking Normal Human People who disagree with this behaviour with arguments straight out of the World Book of False Arguments.
If females want to choke on each others fur let them-just not within my eyesight or shouting distance. But then that would take away all their fun.

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