Thursday 16 August 2012


From Sunday school,simple minds are indoctrinated into the prevailing Christian thought:
Blond blue eyed Jesus was brought to Earth to atone for our sins and all the people mentioned,the Israelites,Canaanites,Jebusites,Assyrians et al were equally white,like Noah seen here.
Or Abraham about to show his loyalty in the most dramatic way.
After a while of constant exposure to such misleading images it takes a conscious effort to first unlearn old information and then learn real truths. Once the real race of the Ancient Egyptians is learned everything falls into place and the kindergarten programming shatters. An American biblical researcher,Alice Linsley,with 30+ years of work has located the original homeland of Abraham's ancestors. These guys spread out to the whole world via waterways from Africa beginning 8000 years ago to the Middle East and Asia as far as Cambodia. In a lifetime of study she shows how  linguistic evidence,kinship patterns,mt dna studies and modern archeology bears this out.
In fact,Noah's Ark,(which btw,has never been found in Armenia,claimed by accepted biblical scholars to be its resting place) is most likely near present day L.Chad,according to her. Apparently,the Sahara was wet at the time and this was the true land of Noah-Bornu.
Read it all here-only if you're ready to learn new things: 

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