Friday 24 August 2012


I've just watched his 'black in Latin America' series;while there was some interesting  info such as Cuban and Mexican independence leaders were part black and Haiti ruled neighbouring Dominica for over 20 years after expelling the French and how the latter enslaved them with billions of odious debt which is largely responsible for their present predicament he carefully avoids breaking new ground.
He totally avoids the issue of the true race of the unmistakably African Olmecs,overlooks the matter of black Spanish (descendants of the Moors)who settled the New World and never mentions linguistic connections with ancient American and W.African languages.

The second clue to the Manding origin of the Olmec writing was provided by Leo Wiener in Africa and the Discovery of America (1922,v.3). Wiener presented evidence that the High Civilizations of Mexico (Maya and Aztecs) had acquired many of the cultural and religious traditions of the Malinke-Bambara (Manding people) of West Africa. In volume 3, of Africa and the Discovery of America, Wiener discussed the analogy between the glyphs on the Tuxtla statuette and the Manding glyphs

engraved on rocks in Mandeland.
Instead,while his 3 hour long specials are definitely fact filled and easy to watch the series reveals yet more from the catalogue of victimology;slavery,racism and marginalisation for the umpteenth time which IMO shouldn't be the case. Is that the only function of blacks? Perpetual victims,slaves,rebels and criminally exploited underclass?
With the wealth of easily accessible historical detail available to a world renowned historical researcher of his type and his own abilities he could have settled the above issues killing the controversy once and for all.
All in all,it was disappointing and should be reserved for the younger audience but only with a Conscious Blackman in attendance to correct the all too familiar tales of woe and add necessary historical balance.

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  1. Mainstream black scholars in the Western world like Henry Gates are control by white western academia. Western Academia have a racist agenda to show black people as slaves, servants and victims and not as monarchs and creators of civilizations.